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King Mattress Euro-Top

USP: 100% Natural Latex + Cooling Gel Memory + Green Tea Foam

Latex Foam has an open cell structure, which draws warm air away from the body, thus allowing temperature to cool faster. In addition, the resilience nature of natural latex resists body impressions while cradling your body contours throughout the night, whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper. Hence latex mattress delivers long-lasting comfort yet remains durable over the years, making it a worthwhile investment. Certified 100% Natural Latex by ECO Institut.

Memory foam not only relieves the pressure points while aiding motion isolation, the cooling gel ensures heat is dissipated as quickly as possible. As a result, choosing mattress that offers both latex + cooling gel memory foam is one of the most comfortable and logical choice in any tropical countries today.

Benefits of green tea includes i) retarding odor / bacteria naturally (i.e. antimicrobial) and ii) maintaining freshness of the mattress for extended periods (i.e. less maintenance needed).

For premium Euro-Top mattress, Ashley offers 14 inch height instead of the more common standard of 12” to 13” mattress. Every cent counts, thus despite the features incorporated into our mattress, our price remains one of the most competitive in the market today.

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